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How a Successful Onboarding Impacts Employer Branding? Jan 30 2019

Onboarding is a phase during the recruitment process of candidates and mixing them into the culture of the organization and make them part of the business. Though it’s a long term process but if done efficiently by the organization may provide huge benefits. Onboarding assist the new hired candidates to understand their roles and responsibilities. How could they add value to the business? According to the research of SHRM, 69% of the new hired employees decide to stay in the organization for 3 years if they experience a great Onboarding.s

Employer branding is not a rocket science, but yes it is a combo of both art and science. Like any other brand, every organization needs to build its reputation for the purpose of talent retention in their organization.Employer Branding is necessary for every organization. It gives a proud feeling and creates interest in the mind of the candidate to join the company for a longerperiod of time.The candidate has put up all his best efforts to impress your organization. Now it’s the turn of the organization to impress the candidate. It is the organization’s reputation as an employer and the employee value proposition. Employer Branding helps in creating a corporate identity.

The employer’swho are unable to create the first impression on the candidate,even they fail to retain talent in their organization. The main benefits of employer branding are attraction, retention and engagement. These are the major focus areas of the human resource manager of the organizations. Employer Branding is the image or opinion created regarding the particular company. As per the survey of 2017, 96% of companies believe that employer brand and reputation impacts revenue but only 44% monitor that impact.

Successful Onboarding is a mix of 4 E’s: Engage, Educate, Evaluate and Enable the new hired candidates. All the 4 E’s can be automated easily through an Onboarding portal which gives a platform to build your employer brand. An Onboarding portal is a perfect fit to resolve the problems faced in building employers brandby HR fraternity.

Engage- If the new hired candidate is engaged during the early days, they will feel connected with the organization.

Educate- Educate new hires about the culture of the organization.

Evaluate- Evaluation of performance so that they can improve as per the feedback.

Enable- Enable the new hires to acquire skills.

Onboarding gives an employee experience to the candidate while engaging him in various tasks. It gives a sense of belongingness to the candidate that being a new employee he’s being valued in the organization. This is how they build trust when they are treated as the part of the organization, even before they have joined.

Hence, while implementing successful Onboarding will lead your organization to gain more profits in terms of an identical employer brand in the corporate world.