HR Dashboard

Manage Your Employer Brand, HR Tasks and Leverage Analytics to gain visibility on key HR Metrics

Human Resource Dashboard

The role of the HR in Onboarding is multi-faceted. They don’t only have to look after documentation and compliance but also look at other factors such as engagement, recruitment P&L, new hire development and answering candidate queries. It is almost impossible for a human resource department to take care of all these aspects without a trade-off. With the HR Dashboards, all processes are streamlined and the HR gets complete visibility into their Onboarding and Pre-Onboarding process. A comprehensive and intuitive dashboard allows them to complete administrative tasks quicker and frees up their bandwidth for employee development and engagement.

MyJoining Dashboard

What HR Dashboard does for you:

Streamlining of Offer, Pre-Boarding and Onboarding processes

Complete visibility into new hire and candidate activity

Enhanced employer branding and engagement

Lower early attrition and no-shows in the organization


Reduced No-Shows through easy-to-manage engagement models and prediction of dropouts

Lower Onboarding Cost by freeing up resource bandwidth and faster/automated processes

Drive retention in your organization by prevention of early attrition and sustainable HR engagement models that builds long term loyalty towards an organization

Faster path to new hire productivity through a structured 30-60-90 day Onboarding plan

Insight into recruitment, new hire progress and predictive analytics that drives better decision making

Advanced slice and dice analytics to measure KPI's and generate easily exportable reports.


Analytics and Reports

Valuable Insights in terms of recruitment, Pre-Onboarding & Onboarding, L&D, new hire progress and milestone tracking of new hires.

Automated Background Verification

Initiate BGV by a third-party vendor at the click of a button and see the status on BGV within the framework.

Enhancing Employer Brand

Brand Positioning of Organization through Employee Testimonials, Office Tours, Engagement, Videos, Easy Candidate Outreach and much more.

Employee Referrals

Employee Referrals are the most cost-effective and efficient ways of recruitment. Drive referrals in your organization through gamification.

Automated manual work

Automation of manual tasks such as asset allocation, offer letter effectuation & roll-out, forms and documentation, feedbacks & surveys, Onboarding Plans.

Get complete Visibility

Get complete visibility into your candidate pipeline and keep a track of their activities. Manage candidate queries seamlessly.

Framework Overview

MyJoining is a cloud-based onboarding software application that covers new employee’s journey from the end of the recruitment cycle to pre-boarding and finally successful Onboarding. MyJoining not only helps organizations to automate manual and cumbersome processes but also new employee’s journey, and helps HR’s to analyze their key metrics and performance. With the use of best practices in the industry, it helps improve on pain areas such as low employee engagement, poor employer brand, high cost of onboarding, high number of no-shows & early dropouts. We do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we take the processes and challenges of every organization into account to provide a framework that is tailor-made for the HR and new hire success of that company. The modules are: