Pre-Offer and Offer

Automate The Rollout of Offer Letters

What is Pre-Offer and Offer

Once you have identified the right candidate, the manual generation of the offer letter continues to be a huge challenge, especially for organizations that are hiring in large numbers. Getting all compliances in place and getting hold of documents required to release the offer letter is pivotal. More than 90% organizations still generate offer letters manually and this takes up a lot of the HR’s bandwidth.

What Pre-Offer and Offer will do for you?

Eliminates first day anxieties

Drive compliance with seamless documentation

Higher Employee

Integration with ATS/Recruitment tool for sustainable flow of information

Improved New Hire

Automated effectuation and release of offer letter

Reduce The Administrative
Cost Of Onboarding

Easy negotiation and offer acceptance


Results in significant reduction in candidate joining uncertainties

Reduction in administrative tasks related to offer letter generation

Seamless two-way-communication on a single platform

Integration and auto-population of repetitive data for a enhanced candidate experience


Effectuate Offer Letter

MyJoining provides a portal for the candidate to upload salary slips, educational details, medical certificates and any other documents that might be needed to release the offer letter.

Offer Roll Out

A portal is provided for resolution of all candidate queries, sending reminders and seamless release of offer letter to the candidate. All CTC and salary details can be fetched from existing ATS.

Templatized Offer-Letter formats

This makes the job of the HR extremely easy. These templates auto-fetch the salary data defined and also fetches details like name, address, CTC & take-home. Generate offer letters at a button’s click.

Negotiation and Acceptance

Candidate can raise a query regarding received offer letter within the portal. This avoids hassle of negotiations that happen over email and calls. Acceptance can be made in a second which takes the candidate to Pre-Boarding.

Framework Overview

MyJoining is a cloud-based onboarding software application that covers new employee’s journey from the end of the recruitment cycle to pre-boarding and finally successful Onboarding. MyJoining not only helps organizations to automate manual and cumbersome processes but also new employee’s journey, and helps HR’s to analyze their key metrics and performance. With the use of best practices in the industry, it helps improve on pain areas such as low employee engagement, poor employer brand, high cost of onboarding, high number of no-shows & early dropouts. We do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we take the processes and challenges of every organization into account to provide a framework that is tailor-made for the HR and new hire success of that company. The modules are: