Engage Your New Hires and Digitalize Your Pre-Onboarding Process

What is Pre-Onboarding

Pre-Onboarding is the stage between a new hire's acceptance of offer letter and their joining date. Pre-Onboarding is primarily designed to familiarize the new hire with their role and organization & to make them ready for their first day. There is a strong uncertainty in this phase and a strong pre-onboarding process engages them effectively. It also reduces operational overhead by automating administrative and logistical tasks. Most importantly, it provides opportunities for the new hire to feel welcomed and valued, and to begin ramping up for Day 1. Not only can you provide the new hire with a WOW experience but also free up HR's bandwidth.

What Pre-Onboarding Will Do for you

Eliminates first day anxieties

Eliminates first day anxieties

Higher Employee

Higher Employee Retention

Improved New Hire

Improved New Hire Productivity

Reduce The Administrative
Cost Of Onboarding

Reduce Cost Of Onboarding

Our 4Cs


It is the basic need of any organization. Organizations need forms and compliances for their internal records, payroll, and benefits. Administration needs new hires to fill up multiple forms, statutory deductions and filings.


Clarification is making sure that the new hires understand the roles, responsibilities and the expectations from them. They should be completely clear about their KRAs and KPIs.


Acquainting new hires to organizational culture is critical to make the workplace feel like their second home. It helps in their alignment with organizational vision & mission, policies & procedures, products & services.


Connection refers to corporate, interpersonal relationships and social networks that new hires should try and create in their early days. This facilitates harmony and creates a positive working environment.

Pre-Onboarding Journey Map

When a new hire accepts an offer letter, they are ready to make a change or often explore multiple options. Often a lot of new hires take counter offers after accepting the offer letters. Pre-Onboarding journey allows organizations to map the steps taken by new hire from offer acceptance to joining and engages the new hires at different interaction points during the journey to retain them. Fulfilling the 4 C’s of Pre-Onboarding is critical in ensuring that the new hire is engaged and the organization is reaping all tangible and intangible benefits of Pre-Onboarding.

Journey Map


Buddy Program

The role of buddy is different from that of a mentor or a coach. They are basically your friends at work. Assigning a buddy at their initial stage helps the new hire to be more comfortable in their current role.

Digitalization of Documents

83% organizations take at least 1 Day in completing the documentation and forms of the new hire. Taking care of all documentation in Pre-Onboarding in engaging ways and maintain all documents in a secure e-file.


It refers to understanding of employee benefits, job description, rules, regulations and various policies & procedures of the organization. Perform all sanitary checks and make them aware about compliance in engaging ways.

Automated Background Verification Integration

This is one of the crucial elements in the onboarding processes that can be streamlined with the use of technology in onboarding and can be easily integrated with any background verification vendor.

Integration with HRIS/HRMS/ATS

Integrate the Pre-Onboarding Module with organization and existing HR Module to make the entire process streamlined. Moreover, data can also be easily fetched and re-established. Experience seamless back-and-forth flow of information.

Enhancement of Digital Signature

As digital signature is easily acceptable everywhere nowadays, all documents and forms can pre-signed through our tool in a paperless manner. Encourage a go-green culture and automate the signature process in Onboarding.

Framework Overview

MyJoining is a cloud-based onboarding software application that covers new employee’s journey from the end of the recruitment cycle to pre-boarding and finally successful Onboarding. MyJoining not only helps organizations to automate manual and cumbersome processes but also new employee’s journey, and helps HR’s to analyze their key metrics and performance. With the use of best practices in the industry, it helps improve on pain areas such as low employee engagement, poor employer brand, high cost of onboarding, high number of no-shows & early dropouts. We do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we take the processes and challenges of every organization into account to provide a framework that is tailor-made for the HR and new hire success of that company. The modules are:

Onboarding Product Video