Revolutionize Post-Onboarding Engagement and Enable Every New Hire for Success

What is Onboarding

Onboarding is the cumulative process of assimilating the new hire into the organization. After effective recruitment & selection, one of the most important ways that organizations can improve the effectiveness of their talent management is through the strategic use of – Onboarding. Onboarding is significantly more than just mere introduction to people, organization and facilities over a couple of days. It is imperative to teach new hires about organization values, mission, beliefs and enable them to be successful in their long-term goals that helps them to become a long-lasting employee. Onboarding should help new hires to integrate within the organization and facilitate acquisition of the right set of knowledge & skills to carry out their new responsibilities successfully.

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What Onboarding will do for you?

Eliminates first day anxieties

Enhanced Skill Set

Higher Employee

Faster path to productivity

Improved New Hire

Build Trust and Alignment

Reduce The Administrative
Cost Of Onboarding

Enhanced Employee Engagement

4Es on Onboarding


Keep the new hires engaged during their early days to make sure that they feel connected with the enterprise culture and goals. The engagement helps build a feeling of trust with the organization and gives new hires perspective.


Very few new hires are productive straight out of their orientation. They must unlearn a lot of old ways and learn the current ways of the organization. This process of learning is easy if the plan is documented and measured frequently.


Evaluate the new employee’s performance and provide regular coaching and feedback to accelerate performance. Skill assessment is needed during the first few days by the team to determine what is needed to get them ready to work at their full abilities. The employee should then be assigned a coach to help him/her develop their skills and meet their performance goals.


Enable the new hires to reach new heights faster. The first few days are very crucial in making a new hire successful. Organizations should enable them to focus on learning and acquiring skills for the job rather than spending their time filling lengthy forms or waiting for that elusive desk or computer. Provisioning of assets enables them to focus on their tasks.

Onboarding Journey Map

An organization invests lots of time, money and efforts in recruiting an employee. To make it worth, its necessary to onboard new hire efficiently. It is necessary to mentor them in the right way to capitalize on their current skills while further enhancing them. The job is only half done when you recruit the “right person”. It is crucial to mentor them in the right way to optimize their current skill set and further enhance it. A good onboarding plan takes all the key metrics into account and engages the hire from Day 1, to positively affect their sense-making phase and enhance productivity.

Journey Map


30-60-90-120 Days Onboarding Plan

A structured Onboarding Plan can go a long way in making your new hires productive and driving the top line. MyJoining helps you create an effective plan for your new hire that helps them understand the organization, develop goals and resolve work related queries.

Feedbacks & Surveys

Conduct feedbacks and surveys within the tool and measure results. With real-time reporting of feedback data, stay on top of the efficiency of activities conducted by the HR. Taking active steps over the feedback received can create a long-lasting impression on the new hire and remove their anxieties.

Gamification in Onboarding: Gamification essentially consists of traditional video game concepts being used to incentivize an employee’s onboarding experience. Leverage Leaderboards, milestones, badge allocations and integration with Rewards & Recognition to create healthy competition and drive engagement in the organization.

Micro Learning

It is among one of the latest onboarding trends; that includes providing information to the learners in snippets. It can be done via many different formats such as videos, articles, audio files, presentations, and quizzes. Activities like micro learning helps organizations to generate close to 50% more engagement.

Real time Reporting & Analytics

Analytics & Reports pertaining to engagement and growth of new hire is a boon for any HR Department. Depending on work done by new hire, organizations can analyze status, productivity, engagement, skill development status of the new hire through reports generated in real-time. Organization and HR can easily analyze their HR metrics through analytics.

Personalized candidate onboarding

With the help of various engagement activities HR can easily create personalized onboarding for each candidate depending upon their likes & dislikes, hobbies, area of interest etc. It drives a sense of connectivity between employee and employer and helps to building trust in mind of new hire from very initial phase of their joining.

Framework Overview

MyJoining is a cloud-based onboarding software application that covers new employee’s journey from the end of the recruitment cycle to pre-boarding and finally successful Onboarding. MyJoining not only helps organizations to automate manual and cumbersome processes but also new employee’s journey, and helps HR’s to analyze their key metrics and performance. With the use of best practices in the industry, it helps improve on pain areas such as low employee engagement, poor employer brand, high cost of onboarding, high number of no-shows & early dropouts. We do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we take the processes and challenges of every organization into account to provide a framework that is tailor-made for the HR and new hire success of that company. The modules are:

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