Exit Management

You Have Made a Good First Impression, Make an Excellent Last One

What is Exit Management System

Exit Management or employee Off-boarding is the process that manages the full and final settlement of employees when they exit an organization. Exit Management process is the final step in the progressive employee discipline process where his or her employment with the employer is permanently served. When an employee resigns, retire or gets terminated from work, the required paperwork and formalities associated with employee exit need to go through a systematic process. Right from the acceptance of employee resignation to approval by the manager and final payment by Human Resource Manager, AUTOMATION helps in the Exit Management Process making it more transparent and efficient.

Exit Management's Stakeholder


Human Resource Manager

Reporting Manager/Team

Different department checklist


Seamless Knowledge Transfer

Once the employee has initiated their resignation process, the HR Manager can initiate the Knowledge transfer checklist to employee which helps organization in keeping key records for smooth functioning of their organization. It also assists in seamless transfer of knowledge from exiting employees to other stakeholders.

Improved Visibility

Leveraging Analytics and Reports in the Exit Management Process, HR can analyze various factors that lead to an employee’s exit such as reasons for leaving, average duration, location-wise and department-wise exits and much more. An improved visibility will enable HR to stay on top of their exit landscape.

Reduction in Administrative Cost of Exit

Exit of an employee often turns out to be a costly affair with factors such as turnaround time for an exit averaging from almost 2-3 days for exit formalities. Exit formalities include various stakeholders and coordinating with them can often prolong the duration of the entire procedure.

Enhanced Employer Brand

The exit process is probably going to be the last impression you leave on your exiting employee. With Employee Experience being critical, make sure your employees leave with the best possible image of the organization. Integrate exit surveys and Glassdoor Reviews to get instant feedback.


Forms and Documentation

The process from filling up the resignation form to getting the exit checklist clear is a tedious one. Use a user-friendly platform to manage all formalities for a complete exit journey.

Exit Checklist

This enables HR to initiate exit checklist to be filled by respective department for clearance. All clearances, approvals and query handling can be managed on a single-sign-on platform.

Personalized Offboarding

Each employee has their own personalized offboarding process. Depending upon their role in organization, the workflow and policies are automatically changed to save time and effort.

Real time action accuracy

During the offboarding phase each action taken by employee on exit management system is fully traceable with real time accuracy and notification making the process transparent for the HR.

Reports and Analytics

The tool provides comprehensive range of reports and analytics of separation data. Gain insights into your exit process and take futuristic action leveraging data from different sources.

Customizable Exit Framework

The framework is fully customizable to meet the complex policies and processes. Manage organization workflows and integrate with existing HRIS.

Framework Overview

MyJoining is a cloud-based onboarding software application that covers new employee’s journey from the end of the recruitment cycle to pre-boarding and finally successful Onboarding. MyJoining not only helps organizations to automate manual and cumbersome processes but also new employee’s journey, and helps HR’s to analyze their key metrics and performance. With the use of best practices in the industry, it helps improve on pain areas such as low employee engagement, poor employer brand, high cost of onboarding, high number of no-shows & early dropouts. We do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we take the processes and challenges of every organization into account to provide a framework that is tailor-made for the HR and new hire success of that company. The modules are: