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Unravel Hidden Treasure’s Through Gamifying Your Onboarding Dec 26 2018

Onboarding is significantly more than just mere introductions to people, organizations and facilities over couple of days. In spite of the fact that, it's imperative to teach new hires about your organization's history, culture, mission, procedures and advantages, your Onboarding procedure needs to go much beyond that and create practices that empower long-terms accomplishment for your employees.

Employers and recruiters are starting to see that a fast prologue to the activity isn't a compelling method to accomplish employee ability and comprehension. So as to develop a work environment in which new hires see each part of their role, play out their occupations well, feel esteemed among their colleagues and have satisfactory fulfillment is to put resources into a presentation program that meets an assortment of necessities. A good program, by most standards, causes new representatives to feel welcome at work and limits the time it takes to become productive in their positions. A definitive objective of such thorough advancement exercises is to accomplish improved retention rates, limiting the cost and hassle of high turnover.

In spite of the fact that Gamification is an amazing asset to enhance Onboarding among new hires, take note of that the procedure is similarly relevant for a wide range of preparing in the work environment. Advancements change constantly and this makes it imperative for associations to update the aptitudes of their employees. With Gamification, it isn't just conceivable to make this preparation procedure fun, yet in addition all the more exceptionally proficient.

In our white paper, “Unravel Hidden Treasure’s through Gamifying Your Onboarding”, we take you through how to create a structured onboarding program including gamification. Benefits of gamification and its tangible rewards for the organization are also discussed along with the best practices for implementing gamification.

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