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3 Moments of Truth in the Candidate Journey

Digital Onboarding: Three Moments of Truth in Candidate Journey

There are various parts in the candidate journey where he or she decides whether to join the organization or not and how loyal they are going to be. You can think of these Moment of Truths as critical points to make an impression on prospective candidates and new hires. Ignoring these can lead to severe repercussions for the HR Fraternity as the science of basing these points are centered around how HR metrics can be leveraged and what potential they pose to make a lasting impression.

In simple words, these are the touchpoints when candidates either fall in love with your organization or can turn & leave. In this white paper, we take you through the 3 Moment of Truths, the HR Metrics that can be leveraged using those and the advantages that can be extracted during these points of time.

  1. Zero Moment of Truth: Employer Brand
  2. First Moment of Truth: Pre-Boarding
  3. Second Moment of Truth: Onboarding

This paper outlines everything you need to know about how to leverage these 3 moments of truth to enable HR and new hire success.

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